Small Business Loans

We have facilitated over $100 Million in Small Business Loans to thousands of small businesses nationwide using our proven funding connections over the past few years. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

Our Lenders and Private Investors Provide Businesses The Capital Needed To Grow!

We help you get the small business loans you need to grow while giving sanctuary to your personal credit along with protecting the overall health of your business.  We work with a select group of 20 specialty lenders (banks, credit unions, hedge funds and private investors) across the nation that have historically funded projects of all size and scope, so we are sure to find the best rates for your needs.  We can get you funded in as fast as one week!

New – Need Funding? Do You Lack Collateral?  Insufficient Guarantor status? Do You Need a $100,000 to $500,000 small business loan?

Our funding system also works with Commercial Real Estate acquisitions for $1M to $10M in situations lacking the needed LTV!

Problem solved if you have over a personal 650 credit score and at least 3 trade lines that exceed $100,000.  This will require a financial statement from the applicant (the stronger the better for higher dollar funding).  Start ups can get $100,000 and seasoned companies to $500,000 using our providers.

This is a great solution for Commercial Real Estate acquisitions in the amounts of $1M to $10M in situations where the applicant is lacking the needed LTV money! Interest rates will vary from lender to lender, however we do not anticipate unreasonable rates with our new product.

Our fee schedule:

  • under $100,000 – 15%
  • $100,000 to $500,000 –  12.5%
  • $1M to $10M  – 10% on Commercial Real Estate

Our fee must be put into our escrow account prior to engaging.  This fee will be released upon approval documentation from a lender, as at that point we have done our job.

Lender(s) may require additional documentation, stipulations or in some cases insurance (Key Person Term Life, Officers and Directors, Errors and Omissions, etc) to be carried by applicant and therefore must be put in place within 72 hours of demand with applicant covering this cost.

Due to high demand  – those who attend or have attended a seminar in the past 2 years will be given priority to this funding as we are a small staffed operation.  We do not pay Broker(s) fee(s) due to high internal costs using this funding.

Small Business Loans from $50,000 up to $150,000

• UNBEATABLE rates as low as starting at 10% for qualified applicants
• No personal collateral
• Business Term Loan or Line of Credit
• See if you qualify in 48 hours at no cost
• Express Cash funding in as little as 7 days

requires documentation and funding suitability review $250*

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Small Business Loans or Lines of Credit to $150,001 to $5,000,000

• No personal collateral
• Term Loan or Line of Credit
• See if you qualify in 48 hours
• Funding in as little as 2 weeks

Use funds for:

• Pay off High Interest Debt
• Expand Your Business
• Purchasing Inventory
• Hiring or Paying Employees
• Launch a Marketing Campaign

requires documentation and funding suitability review $750*

Small Business Loans closing costs vary from lender to lender and these will be given to you upon approval.

business credit, business loans, business credit cards, credit sweepDo you have a project that is not Bankable?

Then you will wish to look towards our new Initial Coin Offering (ICO) funding program, Private Investor or Crowd Funding program.

Industry Norms and Financial Ratios on two SIC codes related to your business for drafting a business plan $50.00

*Orders over $200 now require payment via bank wire due to too many unauthorized user charge backs!