Payment or business card system and information can be the rechargeable Business card for your professional purchases

With the Business Prepaid Card, you can pay securely, quickly and easily almost anywhere in the world and on the Internet. It even allows contactless payments. You place the amount of your choice on your card in order to always keep your budget or that of your employees under control your business credit.

Did you know that the Business Prepaid Card is included in your Essential Pro Pack and that you can even request 2 with your Flex Pro Pack?

Why choose the Business Prepaid Card?

It is universal. You can use it almost anywhere in the world and on the Internet, at millions of points of sale and at ATMs bearing the MasterCard logo (withdrawal fees are to be expected price list).

You keep your business expenses under control. You don’t spend more than the amount available on your card. With a rechargeable amount of up to 4,000 dollars the Business Prepaid Card offers both ease of payment and control of your budget.

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Your card without bank account for all your purchases

The Prepaid Mastercard Business card allows you to advance funds for the expenses of your employees relating to travel or the purchase of supplies. It is also the ideal support for them to benefit from incentive programs. It can be personalized according to your needs, and can even be issued as an additional card for your employees. And of course, it gives you all the benefits and services offered by Mastercard.

Fully customizable

In agreement with your bank, you define the maximum amount of loading authorized on all cards and on each card individually, as well as the amounts of expenditure authorized per day or per month, possibly by merchant categories. If you wish, you can also opt for the money withdrawal function, in addition to the payment function.

Prior registration of the card is compulsory. Certain restrictions apply. Contact your card issuer to immediately report the loss or theft of your card. You can call customer service, the telephone number of which can be found on the back of your card. Make sure to keep a record of your card number, your issuer may need this information to cancel the card and issue a replacement. For further information, please consult the general conditions of use of the Mastercard prepaid card issuer.

A prepaid card is a pre-credit card that allows you to withdraw cash and pay for purchases, up to the amount available on the card. It can also be used for purchases on the Internet.

Since June 2016, the prepaid card has been defined by European regulations as a card “allowing you to have a limited amount of money”. The mention “prepaid” appears on all prepaid cards issued in Europe.

How to use a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards are available from traditional network banks, commercial brands (gift cards, preloaded, rechargeable cards, etc.).

After purchasing the prepaid card, it is credited with the amount of your choice, within the limits set by the card issuer. The card can be used only once until the balance is exhausted. Or the card is rechargeable according to the procedure implemented by the issuing establishment.

The prepaid card is the only card that does not require any bank account, but debits a simple payment account, with systematic balance control.

Manage your business expenses more efficiently and simply

You assign a card to each employee and define a capped budget. Each payment appears in real time on your professional account and you keep control over the expenses.

Protect your credit card from fraud

Bank cards with an electromagnetic chip of the “PayPass” or “PayWave” type make it possible to pay for purchases more quickly, but you should know that they also leave a special place for electronic fraud.

RFID technology, which decodes information from a card only by placing it on a receiver, is increasingly used in shops because it has certain advantages that appeal to consumers.

However, it is extremely easy for a fraudster to access information from a card equipped with this technology.

Fortunately, you can protect your card and data simply by using a case provided for this purpose, or a simple aluminum foil!

RFID technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) cards, or smart cards, are fitted with an electromagnetic chip, so that you only have to swipe the card on a receiver for payment to be made simply with this contact.

When the receiver which decodes the signal emitted by the electromagnetic chip is that of the merchant from whom one makes a purchase, the transaction is obviously carried out much more quickly.

However, it is not only honest merchants who are able to read credit card information.

RFID card fraud

The problem with RFID technology is that it’s pretty easy for fraudsters to buy or turn an electronic device into a reader.

Thus, they only have to pass by a person who has this kind of card in their wallet to capture the info from their credit card without any contact. They get your credit card number, expiration date and name, in short, everything you need to make purchases with it.

Protect yourself against this fraud

Fortunately, it is very simple to protect yourself against this kind of fraud and to protect the information on your RFID card. A simple aluminum film is enough to block the signal permanently emitted by the electromagnetic chip.

You can easily cover it at home or opt for a solution that will last longer; a case specially designed to counter RFID card fraud like the “Voûte $ écurité” product developed here in the world.

Security vault

$ Security vault is a paper case that contains a layer of aluminum to prevent fraud from RFID cards. You simply slide your card inside and the case acts as a barrier.

Protect your Contact less Bank Card (Anti RFID Case) Marc Chevalier, Banking & Financial Engineering Expert

The bank card with contact less payment saves you time for small purchases, no doubt about it. However, the risks of piracy or misuse exist since you do not enter any code.

So you even have to protect your contact less bank card so that you don’t get hacked.

In this guide, I will tell you about concrete protections, RFD / NFC / Demagnetization cases: prices, materials, where to find them, reviews, etc.

Why contact less can cause security problems?

They are proven and potentially very serious for users. Some English studies have recently demonstrated this, the imagination of scammers being almost limitless. Because despite all possible security, the NFC chip is not impassable.

Thus, it is not inconceivable to imagine that one can read the data through the wallet, with a terminal of portable payment on a telephone for example.

The imagination of scammers is limitless

Fortunately, the authorized transaction limit is not very high, up to 20 euros. Except that, by changing the purchase currency, this limit is no longer limited or almost. In any case, this is what we sought to demonstrate to British researchers.

The risk continues as soon as you take it out to settle (although it is not possible to perform two operations in the same period of time).

To put an end to data piracy you are going to have to invest. Rest assured, it’s not going to go very far.

How much does this kind of hard protective case cost?

This kind of flexible aluminum case covered with resistant plastic is easily found on Amazon type shopping sites. In principle, all contact less cards fit into it and you will have no trouble putting it in your wallet.

What do customers think?

Well, for such a price, I will be frank with you. There are pros and cons. Some users also complain about the difficulties of entering the card in the case, and even more in a card holder!

Only small purchases are therefore concerned, but if security follows, it is a safe bet that this ceiling increases, so that the contact less becomes really something useful in everyday life.

The Kaspersky security bank card holder

It is the most advanced version for RFID / NFC protection. You can put 4 contact less cards in this case to protect them.

Invoices tracked in real time

Keep control over the expenses made by your employees and make sure that all the supporting documents are well entered.

Dematerialized expense reports and VAT

No more lost receipts! No more manual entry and paper invoices. Your employees take photos of the receipts from our mobile application. After each transaction, a notification is sent by email. They respond to the email by adding, as an attachment, the PDF of the supporting invoice or the photo of the receipt. They can also go to the Anytime platform to add supporting documents.

Export to your accounting software

At the end of the month, the accountant imports all transactions with the links containing the supporting documents for the dematerialized expense reports and the reconciled VAT. (CSV, XML feed)

Exchange fees

Spend in over 150 currencies at Mastercard exchange rates. Forget the hidden exchange fees usually from 2% to 3%!

Control your employees’ expense report budget by simplifying advance payments anytime has developed a system that allows you to define a budget for each employee. At any time, you can lower or increase the limit.

How to set up an efficient management of your expense reports?

Adding receipts to expense reports in real time allows you to better control the chargeback process. By quickly recovering all expense reports, you can re-invoice them to your customers and integrate them efficiently into your accounting.

The prepaid card can be used as a gift card

It can also help a child (under the age of 12) get to know money. You can choose to offer your child a prepaid card to teach them how to pay for their purchases at merchants and how to manage their budget.

No minimum age is required to use a prepaid card. It is therefore particularly suitable for children who cannot yet access the traditional bank card, that is to say who are under 12 years of age.

The prepaid card is also intended for individuals who are prohibited from banking.

The prepaid card is also used by online shoppers for online payments and by travelers to pay for expenses abroad.

The cost of a prepaid card varies depending on the bank that issues it or the place of purchase. It can sometimes be free. Its price usually ranges between 10 and 50 $.

 You pay securely

The Business Prepaid Card is protected by a personal secret code and is not linked to your professional current account. You can give the card to all your employees, even if they are not BNP Paribas Fortis customers. The card is in the name of your company.

Manage your Business Prepaid Card online

With your user account you can manage and recharge your Business Prepaid Card online wherever and whenever you want. You also have a view of all of your employees’ Business Prepaid Cards. This card being in the name of your company, you can associate a holder and adapt its data as you see fit.

Home Practical uses Companies

Rechargeable business card is an excellent management tool for your business. It allows you to allocate the necessary funds according to the projects or the responsibilities of the company’s employees. This has the effect of lowering management costs as the company saves the interest costs inherent in using a regular credit card.

In addition the transfer of funds from card to card is done automatically. This is a useful function to control expenses or in an emergency. Your staff can use it to make purchases anywhere they accept Visa credit cards worldwide, including online and by phone.

You’re Business Anytime and card

  • A tailor-made budget per employee and per card

You define for each employee an amount that is likely to be spent.

02. Tailor-made limits

You activate or deactivate in real time, contact less payment, ATM withdrawals, internet payments.

  • Real-time alerts

As soon as you have completed an operation with your card, you will receive real-time details of the transaction as well as the balance remaining on your budget. The alert is sent back by SMS, iOS or Android notification and by email. It contains essential information such as the name of the merchant, the amount, the date and the time of the transaction.

  • Blocking and unblocking in real time

Aren’t you using your Mastercard for a while? Block there. You come back from vacation, unlock there. Everything is done from the Anytime app or in your Anytime client area available on the web. Of course, everything is in real time.

  • PIN code

You can retrieve your card PIN code at any time.

  • Adding an accounting document

After each payment, you will receive an email notification in real time. You reply to the email by adding an accounting document as an attachment. Your accountant will be happy and he should not run after the supporting documents. At the end of the month, you will be able to download all the transactions with dematerialized documents in the desired format and communicate them to your accountant.

  • Limiting the risks of tax adjustments

Reminder emails are automatically sent to employees who have not justified an expense. Your accountant has a clear vision of all the unjustified costs.

08. Unlimited number of cards

Depending on your plan, you can benefit from a greater or lesser number of cards. The smallest package at Anytime includes at least 3 Mastercard cards without you having to pay any additional fees.

  • Virtual or plastic

Two types of cards are available to you.

Virtual cards to manage your subscriptions or payments on the web.

Each department of your company can therefore benefit from a Mastercard to manage, for example, Google Ads expenses, manage Microsoft subscriptions or even place orders for Nespresso coffee.

9. Virtual single use

Very practical for managing purchases on the internet or remotely, It allows your employees to have autonomy while managing their grant on a case-by-case basis. An employee needs to buy a travel ticket (airline or train)? The employee makes the request, presents the estimate. You define a budget that he can spend. You click on validate and he receives by SMS the detail of the card. It’s as simple as that and it’s completely secure.

  • Creation of maps by API

You can order your cards by API or by using your anytime customer area. The API makes it easier for companies to manage card ordering in their business interface.

10. Multi currency management

Do you manage EUR, USD, GBP and wish to pay with a Mastercard in these currencies? It’s possible with anytime virtual cards

11. No fees abroad

With anytime, there are no fees on your overseas payments except the exchange rate applied by Mastercard. We are the only neobank for professionals to offer this service’s

12. Allocate expenses to a project

You can associate each expense with a project, which makes your life easier to rebill or know the costs associated with a project, a client, a team.

13. Blocking of merchant categories

For customers who have subscribed to an Enterprise package, anytime offers the possibility of blocking merchant categories.

Better than cash checks or merchant cards

The rechargeable business card provides more protection than cash. Think about how it can offer a higher level of flexibility than checks and merchant cards. This is very important as your staff now can make purchases from unlimited suppliers and the by product can be better pricing.

Better manage travel costs

The rechargeable card is an effective solution for corporate travel. Simply pay the required funds according to each trip to your rechargeable card. The card is easy to reload.

Better manage corporate credit

Having multiple credit cards with high margins can hurt the company’s credit. The rechargeable card is a flexible and efficient option.

Reward your staff

In addition to the many management benefits, the rechargeable card is a good way to reward your staff. It is an alternative to gift cards since it provides greater freedom. Employees can use their cards wherever they want something for everyone.


With your account you can benefit from a real prepaid Mastercard payment card with embossed figures and hologram. You can even order several if you wish for your employees.

Card reception

To receive your card, place an order from your customer area, specify the amount (minimum $ 30), the shipping method and the address.

The Business Prepaid Card is included in your Pack

As a holder of a professional current account, you can benefit from the Business Prepaid Card for 4.10$ per quarter, including VAT.

Business Prepaid App

Download the Business Prepaid App from the App Store or Google Play Store to check the transactions made with your Business Prepaid Card and their balance at any time.

Is your card lost?

The Business Prepaid App allows you to block it without delay.

Card stolen or lost ?

Also always inform the police in case of theft.

Your new card

Your new card will be sent to you within 10 days. The balance from the old card will be automatically transferred to the new one. The cost of replacing your card is 8 euros. This amount will be taken from your available balance.

Almost everywhere in the world

You can only make payments with your Business Prepaid Card if its balance is sufficient and if you can check it online and in real time.

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This is why you cannot use your card at motorway toll stations in car parks and at vending machines for drinks and snacks.

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