Real Estate Funding with Credit Mastery

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Credit Mastery for Real Estate Funding

Fund Real Estate using the Credit Mastery for Real Estate Special Edition book that is being limited to 50,000 Copies and covers processes and methods to obtain Real Estate via conventional financing along with alternative funding methods and sources.  You will need to read the Credit Mastery: Personal and Business Credit Solutions and apply the information to build your credit if looking to finance as a company purchase or personal purchase.

Chapters included in Credit Mastery for Real Estate – Special Edition:

Historical Cycles
Legal Entities for Acquisitions
1031 Exchanges Brief
Land Trusts
Land Trust Documents
Buying and Selling Real Estate For Profit
Real Estate Terms
Short Sales
Tax Liens for Real Estate Acquisitions
Non Judicial Tax Sales
Redemptions – Foreclosing – Ripening Tax Liens
Tax Liens Excess Funds and Overages
Verify on Demand For Funding
Certificates of Deposit for Funding
Real Estate CrowdFunding – Best Real Estate CrowdFunding Websites
Private Real Estate Investors

Credit Mastery for Real Estate – Using our knowledge of Commercial and Residential Real Estate for those who wish to invest and flip properties.  We include a vast amount of forms plus information on CrowdFunding, Private Investors along with getting started in Tax liens and Overages. In Stock Published by ISG3 – Authored by Iron Dane Richards (Released 1/15/2015) Suggested Retail $197 – ISG3 Price: $126 + S&H – This Week Only $91.26 + S&H

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Publication Date: Jan 20 2015 ISBN:1506091563 EAN13:9781506091563 – Page Count: 180 Binding Type: US Trade Paper- Softcover Trim Size:6″ x 9″
Language: English Related Categories:Reference / Personal & Practical Guides


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