Credit Mastery Advanced Funding Tools

Advanced Funding Tools – This is the book that shows all our tools from Verify on Demand, Proof of Funds, Using Certificates of Deposit, Private Investors, Private Placements along with sample documents, Bank Guarantee Funding using SBLC’s and much more.      1st printing 1/1/2015 – 6″ x 9″ 188 pages – Now Shipping 4rd printing Jan 2018 edition 212 pages – ISBN-13: 978-1505318890 by Iron Dane Richards  Suggested Retail $197  –  SOLD OUT – No Longer in Print

Credit Mastery Advanced Tools is the companion to the Credit Mastery Series and many of our Advanced Business Credit Tactics Series of books and should be your next  book after Credit Mastery: Business Credit – Personal Credit

Last copies have sold out we only offer this information at our seminars in Atlanta/ Chicago/ Dallas-Ft Worth/ Las Vegas  or though one on one coaching.

Actual examples of use of these tools and methods!

Credit Mastery Advanced Funding Tools 

We have compiled all our past 6 years information on how to use the following financial tools:

Credit Mastery Advanced Funding Tools – Getting Started … Page 1

In building Business Credit, the first step is using a structured program to achieve a 720 or above credit score and maintaining it.

Credit Unions vs Banks … Page 4

Learn the differences in Credit Unions opposed to Banks for funding. This can be a critical mistake made by many in not choosing the right financial institution for their funding needs.

Verify on Demand – Proof of Funds … Page 7

How to Use Verify on Demand as a higher level proof of funds and financial stability. Learn from examples how to use this tool to get funding or close transactions. These can bypass much of the demand for a credit history or score if used properly. Insiders have used V.O.D.(Verify On Demand) for real estate and other financial funding purchases for the past twenty years. This techniques allows a small business owner to demonstrate financial ability without showing other documentation until necessary or bypass them completely. V.O.D. many time is used a qualification tool to eliminate tire kickers! We have helped with a client who wanted to trade in Gas and Oil contracts and to enter trading must demonstrate $10 Million dollars to engage. A verify on demand was established in his company’s name and that sufficed to get the business in the door.

PROOF OF FUNDS – How to use a Proof of Funds letter. Many people are familiar with the use of Proof of Funds by individuals for purchasing Real Estate. Whether you are engaging in single family homes or commercial properties, you many find the seller or broker wants to validate your ability to complete a purchase by requesting a Proof of Funds Letter. These can be found easily now on the internet, however be aware of the terms and conditions that maybe associated with the provider.

Using Certificates of Deposits … Page 13

Learn how to use Certificates of Deposit to become a center of influence at your bank. This strategy works well with Banks and Credit Unions alike. This is one of our top advanced funding tools for obtaining loans exceeding $1 Million dollars. For example a client talked with his credit union for a loan on a community housing project for $3.8 Million dollars and they liked the project. However, they really were not set to make the loan at the application time due to their protocols that demanded a certain level of funds to be retained within their system. Our client contacted us to help with the funding process at this point and we suggested he speak with the loan officer and see that if funds were placed within the credit union is excess of the loan being sought, could they thereby issue the loan? The president of the credit union got involved and then went to a committee meeting on the project.   The credit union understood that they could not lien nor encumber the funds about to be placed within their care. The client placed the fee for the Certificates of Deposits in escrow and the process began within days. $8 Million in Certificates of Deposit were placed with the credit union within a 10 business day period and funding was released!

Using UCC-1 … Page 25

Learn all about Filing UUC-1 for Credit, How to properly amend a UCC-1 Filing, what the actual steps are in getting a UCC-1 to report on your credit profile and how to create a financial history using this tool.

UCC-1 Credit Reporting … Page 32

Learn the insiders information on the step-by-step process of getting a UCC-1 to report on your credit bureau report. This can be personal or business reporting and can be done on both.

Using Trademarks and Servicemarks … Page 41

Learn How a Trademark or Service Mark can help your business in many ways and the one you haven’t known is a Trademark or Servicemark has value as an asset. Now you need to appraise your Trademark and leverage this for funding.  This is used with a UCC-1 for maximum benefit! Advanced Funding Tools gives you this prior to UCC-1 filings so you can take care of this filing first!

UCC-1 Filing Process … Page 46

Learn the right way to file your UCC-1 for maximum credit potential. If you don’t link the proper information it will most likely fail to give you the financial credibility boost you are looking for.

Using Bank Instruments … Page 51

Learn the details of Standby Letters of Credit and other forms of bank guarantees used in multi million dollar funding.

Bank Guarantees Escrow and Funding Agreement … Page 53

Using Insurance and Bonds … Page 66 – Insurance policies like business default insurance that guarantees a lender in your default of payment along with default bonds.  Bank Guarantees – Standby Letter of Credit Funding  –  See an actual SBLC /SLOC Funding deal documentation for $10,000,000 with little credit

CrowdFunding  … page 75

Learn the information we have gathered about successful crowdfunding projects and how to tailor yours for raising capital without filing for private placements using conventional investors

CrowdFunding for Real Estate – Page 87

Learn the information your listings need to be successful for getting the right real estate investors.

Initial Coin Offerings aka ICO’s – New for 2018 – Page 107 

Initial Coin Offerings are the hottest method of funding without business credit available for any project!!!

Private Placements and Investors … page 118

Learn the in’s and out’s of using private placements for funding using private investors.  Private Placements – With a Great Private Placement Memorandum Sample – Where and what to file to keep your offering legal.  When raising funds from private individuals a Private Placement Memorandum and a free filing with the SEC is mandatory to keep your fund raising legal.

Business Buy Sell Agreement  … page 148

Get a great Buy Sell agreement for selling your business that will protect your interests.  Great for those building companies with credit lines for resale.

We also give you actual examples of transactions we have been involved with over the past five years and the nuances of making these strategies work to get you million dollar funding with minimal requirements.

Plus we include many of our trusted documents and resources for your funding use. 

This is a second book we recommend to purchase after the using the core book Credit Mastery: Business Credit – Personal Credit (4rd printing 2018)

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Advanced Funding Tools can help the small business owner gain higher credit lines and small business loans.

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