Business Trade Lines

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Primary Business Trade Lines

We are now offering primary business trade lines that post to Equifax Business!  These are ideal to get your first business credit cards in place with decent credit limits.  This can also extend to future credit reporting to D&B with some of the major credit cards once they have been issued.  These will kick start your credit building process and reduce your efforts by 3 months in most cases!  Can you imagine getting $100,000 in business credit cards after these trade lines post?  Our trade lines are from businesses alliances we have established in the past and now offer these insider business credit boosts to you our customers.

Have you ever tried to get business funding without any business trade lines?

Well 99% of those who try get declined unless its for a paltry $500 net 30 account or a Spark Business Card with a $500 line.

These are Primary Business Trade Lines posted to your companies EIN.  We have a standard package that we offer with 4 reported trades!

When a lender pulls your Equifax business credit report, with our package you will show:

  • 4 Primary Trade Lines
  • 3 non-financial accounts
  • 1 financial line.
  • Plus these trade lines are aged between 6 months and 24 months
  • With a 20%-24% balance that shows a lender that your company is managing its credit the right way.
  • Plus we will send you the latest Credit Mastery Business Credit – Personal Credit edition for finding lenders and credit card companies that will fund using these trade lines!
  •         Trade lines will post to your Equifax Business Report within 30 days!

Includes a 2 year old domain name with one year of hosting – (WordPress is installed however website design and administration costs are additional costs).

Cost is $5,000 paid  via Bitcoin, Dash or Etherium Crypto-Coins  or bank wire due to too many unauthorized user charge backs!

For an additional $500 we will post UCC-1’s and amend those in concert with these business trade lines.