Finding Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit

Credit cards for bad credit. Finding the best credit deals with poor to bad credit is tough and may be, these are the only credit cards for people with bad credit might be the only cards you qualify for. Option are limited and the interest on credit cards for people with bad credit your will find are up to 200% higher than on a regular credit card issuance. These credit cards have been specially designed for those individuals with a bad credit history and can not qualify for a standard credit card. If you are trying to build credit, in school or your first credit, or possibly circumstances have arisen that has negatively impacted your credit history and in these cases you normally qualify for this type of credit cards for bad credit.

Bad Credit Deals – Do they exist?

With bad credit, credit card deals are found online without a lot of effort doing a simple search for bad credit or fully secured cards. These lenders will divide bad credit cards into “fully secured credit cards” for bad credit that need a deposit and “unsecured credit cards”, either way both come with much higher fees. They do offer people with a poor credit scores or those without a previous credit history a fairly quick and easy way to regain a new good credit history using the bad credit cards as a tool. If you keep your credit balance under the limit along with making your payments on time, you will become eligible for new offers that have better low interest card rates and will improve your credit score also. Your best move is to start immediately correcting your bad credit with dispute letters (Credit Mastery – Business Credit – Personal Credit book has several great letters to challenge the reporting lenders and credit reporting agencies to improve your score).

Interest rates  – Finding Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit

Temptations seem to be endless when having credit cards and if you try to use bad credit cards to get you through a tight situation, keep in mind this is only a temporary solution as the interest rates on these credit cards are extremely high and you may just be digging a new hole! It is best to shop around and find credit cards for bad credit with an interest rate that you can live with. If you are one of those people who are constantly rolling over balances from month to month you probably already know the single most important part of picking credit cards is the interest rate in this case.


Credit cards for bad credit are very easy to misuse, so don’t go crazy as soon as they arrive, they are not a lottery ticket! If you find yourself going a bit overboard there is a good chance you just put yourself in a much worse situation. Secondly, do not apply for every bad credit card offer your see, as this does affect your 10% of your credit score for the inquiry, so only choose two credit card deals you find. After six months you can venture into another two cards.

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