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Get A Full Credit Sweep Plus Build Personal Credit Fast with Credit Mastery

Updated 2018 – Credit Mastery : Business Credit  – Personal Credit with Full Credit Sweep DIY Info!

Finally…“Credit Sweep” Secrets Revealed   With Complete Instructions … This is Book is Designed Specifically to Guide YOU on Your Own Personal Credit Sweep … Dont Spend $5,000- $10,000 on a credit sweep when you can do it Yourself for cost of the book and a few certified letters! It Works Like Magic! 

Just like YOU, many of our clients struggle with bad credit and really needed credit repair fast.  Most people don’t want to wait for 90 -180 days for conventional credit repair to work because they need money now! Everyone knows the sooner your credit files are swept, the sooner YOU could Qualify for things like:

  • Personal Loans & Business Opportunities
  • Personal Credit Cards
  • Store and Vendor Cards
  • Regular Financing at Fair Interest Rates and not Pay Day Loans Extortionary Rates!

And the List keeps growing and Growing and Growing!

You need credit for many things but more specifically to get approved for funding when you need it the most!

With Traditional Credit Repair…..

You have to wait patiently!  You can count on 30, 60, 90-180 days if successful, but can you really wait that long?

YOU MISS OUT ON GREAT OFFERS on good deals/opportunities when you have to wait more than 30 days for a response allowed by the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (and sometimes longer.)  Many of the big firms advertising credit repair only send out generic contesting letters and not on their law firms letterhead!  Why, because they know you are going to be on their program for 3 to 9 months and You are going to be Paying them $99 per month or more without any guarantee of success!

One big problem with the traditional disputes is the fact that there’s a 50/50 chance that your items wont even fall off in 90 to 180 days.

Most people cannot afford to pay credit repair agencies to do a credit sweep- many charge $2,000, $5,000 to $10,000 for this secret we reveal in Credit Mastery Business Credit – Personal Credit!

 IF YOU TAKE ACTION TODAY…You Will Make sure your included on all the great offers for people with clean credit.  Bad Credit Just Does Not Go Away On It’s Own – It Will Linger and Haunt You for Years to Come!

Look, You are Never Going to get a Home with Bad Credit … Because most likely you will not get a Mortgage Loan with a credit score under 700 today and if You do You’re Going To Pay Extortionary Interest Rates!

If you’re currently searching for fast credit repair options, you have other bigger and unseen issues to deal with ….. You have to trust someone with your personal information, trust that they will do what they say they’re going to do along with sorting through dozens of competitors to find out which one is not a scammer.

It can drive you crazy just thinking about it. You want the benefits of having great credit but you also want to avoid wasting time and money to repair your credit fast.

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So what’s the Affordable Solution?     Let’s call it a 316 Page Book Called “Credit Mastery ”

Here is what we have done and how it works for YOU: 

–      We gathered the information used to sweep hundreds of client files and broke everything down into simple steps.

 –     Created a 270 page softcover book that will deliver the same results as other agencies are claiming …  but super cheap without sacrificing quality!

–      Made instructions clear and easy to understand for cleaning credit using different strategies and how to build YOUR credit!

–      Get The Freedom of Choices Given To The Wealthy! Apply for any type of credit or loan you want and get instant approvals

–      No Job Turn Downs from Having Bad Credit – Don’t be Denied Having The Career You Need! 

–      Imagine Having  Your files deleted in as little as 10 days.

–      Make Major Purchases – Houses, Boats, RV’s, Vacation Condo …

–      Drive the car you’ve been wanting to get Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Motorcycles

–      Start a New Business or Buy a Business with Good Credit Loans

 So here is how it works… First You Need To Get The Credit Mastery Book In Your Hands  … so click the BUY NOW Button!

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 Here is what  “Credit Mastery  Gives You…

  1. All of the forms and documents needed either in the books or the links on the internet
  2. Up to date information just published in 3rd printing Jan 2016
  3. Simple, easy to follow instructions
  4. Results as soon as 4-10 days once you have sent off your paperwork certified mail
  5. Proven method for all 3 Bureaus
  6. Exactly What We Teach in The Credit Mastery Seminar for Personal Credit
  7. Plus it contains the entire Advanced Business Credit 2014(2015) Business Credit Book to Build Business Credit to $250,000 Fast!
  8. Learn About CPN’s, SCN’s and All the Current Methods of Credit Fully Exposed for What They Are!
Next, we give you the actual sources for fast issue high credit line credit cards along with the exact method that gets credit line increases every month – many times without requesting a line increase. 

Credit Mastery includes Personal Credit Techniques such as Credit Sweeping, CPN’s, Proof of Funds, Verify on Demand POF, Certificate of Deposit Leasing, Authorized User and Primary User Tradelines and where to get them for very little!

You will receive this book/package for only $99.00 including Shipping!   (Buy Here and Save Compared to the Amazon Price of $126.00)

(US customers only! – Books are shipped normally within 2 days to the Paypal Address used for order via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Signature Required)

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That’s a great deal isn’t it. You bet it is. It is also a price that will not last forever. So go ahead and click the BUY NOW button to learn how to perform your own credit sweep.

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Guaranteed Personal Credit Repair Software – Great Product that works in concert with Credit Mastery

bad credit, credit repair, credit repair serviceWith the need for personal credit repair after the mortgage industry and the current political economic failures we know there is a need for many of our followers to repair their credit and we urge you to use the link provided for the best solution we have found for our clients in the past 5 years!

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The Five Ways To Fix Your Credit ISG Personal Credit Repair Update

There are only five ways to fix your credit. 

Each method is given below, followed by its ratings 

(1 is worst and 10 is best):

Follow instructions from the credit bureaus.

That’s like the wolf instructing the sheep. The credit bureaus are NOT your friends. Virtually free, but you get what you pay for.


Value:            4

Speed:           5

Do-it-yourself programs (typically an e-book, or an audio program).

Only about a quarter of these programs are current enough to be effective, but even the best of them require you to write your own letters and figure out for yourself how to best dispute negative items. These programs are usually just reprints of 30-year-old books, or carefully re-written versions of the same old tired process. Compare the appearance and professionalism of their websites to ours and you’ll get a good idea of the quality you can expect. Let the buyer beware!


Value:           5

Speed:          7

Credit Repair Services

It’s tempting to simply pay a company to do the work for you, but they have two dirty little secrets they don’t want you to know. First, because they charge monthly for their service, they make more money if they deliberately drag out the process–often over two or even three years. Second, because of all the forms you have to fill out (including Power of Attorney documents), and the necessity of having to forward all credit reports yourself, you actually wind up doing MORE work than if you did it yourself. Too little service for too much money.


Value:             2

Speed:            3

Waiting It Out

Whether you make the smart choice by going with our Credit Repair Software and System or even by choosing a less-effective method, there’s one thing for certain: it’s better than sitting on your hands and hoping things get better. Some negative items will come off automatically in 7 years, some in 10 years, some never. We hope you’ve got a better plan than that.

Effectiveness:  1

Value:              1

Speed:             1

Our Exclusive Credit Repair Software and System Vendor’s Program

Using a unique “self-directed” (NOT “do-it-yourself”) approach, Credit Repair Software and System that works like Magic has all the benefits of a professional service (no letters to write, automatic computerized follow-up, organized system), but achieves results in weeks, not months, and costs hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars less. You don’t have to read a book or even know the first thing about credit restoration.

Plus it is guaranteed to produce better results than any other program, system, or service, and in less time, or you will get 100% of your money back! 


Value:             10

Speed:             10  

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