Bitcoin, Dash, Etherium Crypto Currencies

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How to Get Started using Crypto Currencies ( Bitcoin )for purchases on our website.

We have begun transitioning into using crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Etherium for a more secure payment system.  Not only is it secure for both the buyer and seller it is the new frontier in lending!  For those who prepare for the lending that is going on using crypto currency you will be ahead of the pack!

All transactions with ISG3 over $200 will require payment via crypto currency or bank wire.

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Crypto Coin Wallet

A Crypto Coin wallet is a digital encryption program where Crypto Coins are stored. In reality, Crypto Coins are not stored anywhere as have a what is called a private key (secret number)for every Crypto Coin address that has been saved in the wallet of the wallet owner. Crypto Coin wallets are by design for the sending and receiving Crypto Coins (Litecoin,Dash,Bitcoin,Etherium,etc) and gives ownership of that Crypto Coin balance for the owners use.

The Crypto Coin wallet comes in many forms from the most secure hardware units like Trezor to mobile phone apps, web browser applications and software programs hosted on your PC.  Most of these will use a two step verification that sends a SMS message to your cellphone for login or transaction validation.

Keep your Crypto Coin wallet safe! This is essential as this is not paper money! Make sure you practice cold storage or in other words, keeping a written copy of your passwords and private keys offline.  If you lose your private keys and login credentials you will not be able to access your coins nor convert them into cash at a later date.

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are hugely popular with their convenience opposed to a fixed location desktop wallet. Once you have installed the wallet provides app on your smartphone you can direct payments straight from your smartphone from anywhere you have service.  A great feature with smartphones and a mobile wallet is making payments directly in stores by using touch-to-pay or scanning a QR code.   Just make sure that you have set additional security on your smartphone in case of loss or theft so no one can access your wallet.