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Credit Mastery will help anyone needing exact direction in how to build business credit, improve credit scores, and how to do a personal credit sweep.


Credit Mastery

Is the Core book of the Credit Mastery System. Use this book to start building business credit or your personal credit repair.

Advanced Tools

Credit Mastery Advanced Funding Tools will give you the information to obtain high dollar lending in the fastest time possible.

Aged Corporations

Credit Mastery Developing Aged Corporations will help any entrepreneur build multiple corporations for your use or sell for a profit.

How it works?

The Credit Mastery System is broken down within a book series on how to build business credit. The core of the system is laid out within the Credit Mastery Business Credit - Personal Credit book that was just recently updated 2016!

Read it from cover to cover first, then simply follow the month by month instructions to start building business credit each and every month or repairing your personal credit. Once you have built your initial credit foundation using Credit Mastery, you will then continue with the following books in the order listed:

  • Credit Mastery Advanced Funding Tools
  • Credit Mastery Developing Aged Corporations
  • Credit Mastery for Real Estate.

    • Credit Mastery is the absolute business credit reference standard! This should be in every university business syllabus - I have an MBA and never was taught the depth of obtaining business credit.
      - Gordon Dale
    • If you have bad credit, you need the Credit Mastery book!  I went from a 503 to 701 in 3 months! All negative items removed using the dispute letters!
      - Joan Avina
    • I used the Certificate of Deposit strategy in the Advanced Funding Tools to obtain a $4 Million dollar Loan!
      - D. Jenkins


    Exploit the power of the Credit Mastery System to get both Personal Credit and Business Credit in the shortest time period with respectable credit lines.

    Secrets Revealed by a Former Banker … With Complete Instructions … This is Book is Designed Specifically to Guide YOU on Your Own Personal Credit Sweep … Dont Spend $1,000 - $10,000 on a credit sweep or building credit program when you can do it Yourself for cost of the book and a few certified letters! It Works Like Magic! .

    Credit Mastery Personal Credit Info and Table of Contents

    Using the Credit Mastery Business Funding System can assure you of results.

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