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2016's Bestselling Must Read Book

Credit Mastery: Business Credit - Personal Credit

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5 Reasons Why You Need This Book

To Build Massive Business Credit - In the shortest period of time
To Get Access to the Best and Easiest Funding Sources
To Learn How To Repair Your Personal Credit
To Learn How To Build Massive Personal Credit
For A Full List of Lender That Includes The Credit Reporting Agency They Use For Credit Determination

What you will find inside the book

Credit Mastery Series for Both Personal and Business Credit Solutions. This is the 2016 Edition of Credit Mastery in it's 3rd printing
  • Fully updated credit system for business credit areas along with new instructions for personal credit and funding.
  • The first section is for building business credit the proper way to get the maximum credit return in the shortest period of time no matter what your budget is.
  • Full month by month instructions from startup to funding.
  • 2016 New list of current lenders and their requirements.
  • Plus a list of second chance business bank accounts.
  • Creating a proper structure for building your business credit fast.
  • Establishing Key Components that validate your business for funding. Then we move you into the actual process to where you are building business credit.
  • Registration for reporting with all business credit agencies; Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax and Experian Business.
  • Obtaining key vendor lines of credit that report to the agencies.
  • Obtaining business credit cards that report to the agencies.
  • This book is based upon and updated from our previous Business Credit books that have sold over 150,000 Digital and Softcover copies through our seminars and website.
  • Chapters Include: Company Business Structures, Legal Entities, Nevada Companies, Wyoming Companies, New Mexico Companies, Colorado Companies, Ohio Companies, Hawaii Companies, Montana Companies, Beginning the Credit Building System, Dunn & Bradstreet – Paydex, Rating & Score, Initial Credit Building for Each Company, Golden Rules for Business Credit Building, Credit Building Core Accounts, Reporting Credit Vendors and Current Funding Sources as of 2016, Credit Building Plan to over $100,000, Bank Loans, Business Plans and Credit Planning.
  • Strategy Guide for writing a business plan for obtaining funding: Executive Summary, Business Details, Products and Services, Business Structure, SWOT, PP& E, Information Systems, Insurance, Goals, Achievements & Strategies, Marketing, Sales Goals, Customer Management & Retention, Pricing Strategies, Competitive Overview, Target Market, The Competition, Credit Reporting Agencies! Advanced Options: Business Trust Deposit Loans, Leased Bank Instruments, Leasing Certificates of Deposits.
  • Banking Resolutions
  • Over 300 Current Lenders
  • The second section is oriented on all aspects of building, rebuilding and repairing personal credit.
  • We included a the information for personal credit sweeps, contesting letters, CPN's SCN's, DBA's, EIN and TIN strategies.
  • Primary Tradelines and Authorized Users Accounts, and much more!
  • We have included a more expansive list of creditors (credit issuers) and the credit reporting agencies that they pull from. Including actual data from our clients on the exact details of credit applications regarding the actual amount a lender issued on what credit score and the credit reporting agency used for their decision.
  • New list of easy funding credit unions.
  • Build Business credit to over $250,000!
  • Learn How to do a Personal Credit Sweep

    Table of Contents

    Business Credit Section:

    1 Getting Started

    2 Choosing Legal Entities

    3 Nevada Companies

    4 Wyoming Companies

    5 New Mexico Companies

    6 Colorado Companies

    7 Montana Companies

    8 Hawaii Companies

    9 Ohio Companies

    10 Business Plans and Development

    11 The Credit Building Plan Overview

    12 The Credit Building System

    13 Golden Rules for Business Credit Building

    14 Credit Reporting and the Agencies

    15 Credit Submission and Usage Month by Month

    16 If Loan is Not Funded

    17 Certificate of Deposit Strategy for over $1 Million Loan

    18 SBA Loans

    19 Easy Funding Credit Vendors – Lenders List including Reporting Agencies Used

    20 Credit Resource Section – Lenders

    21 Banking Resolutions

    Personal Credit Section:

    1 Personal Credit Mastery

    2 Disputes and Contesting Letters

    3 The Credit Sweep

    4 The Reverse Collection Agency

    5 Primary Trade-Lines and Authorized Users

    6 Using CPN's aka Credit Privacy Numbers

    7 Using TIN's, EIN's, ITIN's and More

    8 Personal Credit Building System

    9 Credit Scoring and Credit Trivia

    10 FICO vs FAKO Credit Scoring Systems

    11 Credit Vendor List with Reporting Agency

    12 Online Credit Hack

    13 Hard Money and Alternative Lending Sources

    14 Credit Union List

    15 Second Chance Bank Accounts

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    Credit Mastery is the system many small businesses choose to build their business credit profile and obtain funding.

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    About me

    Former Bank VP shares insider information on how to build credit and obtain funding the the shortest period of time on a limited budget.

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    For Anyone Wanting Funding

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