Credit Repair by ISG3

Do You Need Expert Credit Repair?

Just for the record, we are not doing credit repair we let you use our top contesting letters with a self directed plan!

Let ISG3 Letters work their magic on your credit profile.  Using our latest contesting letters that have a  high rate of removal of derogatory items!  We do not charge a monthly fee! We do not charge a Massive One Time Fee!  We simply charge you for a downloadable letter package in MS Word doc format.

Send these Contesting Letters via Certified Mail!  Many time this is all it takes to get a bad credit line removed from your report – this does not work for bankruptcies and tax leins.

After these items are repaired you will wish to use a few of our proven authorized user tradelines to increase your credit scores.

Bankruptcies, Judgements and Tax Liens removed from your credit report

For the hard to remove items like Bankruptcies, Judgements and Tax Leins removed from your credit report  is explored in the Credit Mastery Book and expect to expend a fair amount of money in resolving these items using the Reverse Collection Agency type of strategy.



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